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Crime City Summer Bootcamp - level 2

1,00 SEK - 4.250,00 SEK



10 aug 2019 09:00 - 11 aug 2019 18:00


Crime Camp is back again - now with level 2.0!

 Link to facebook event

Take your chance to get some one on one time and access to every single skater on the top 7 roller derby team in the world!

The main focus of this bootcamp is GAMEPLAY!

Do you want to learn how to shut down the other team in a power jam?
How to dominate the starts?
How to not become a point?
Take control of the starts as a jammer?
How to do effective offense while maintaining a tight defense wall?
Do you want to know how to stop the bleeding of points?
Do you want to learn from the best team in Europe?

Crime City will teach you how to become a strategic mastermind!

Place yourself in the group you think fits you best. Some adjustments of the groups might be made during the weekend depending on level and group size.


    • Passed WFTDA minimum skills.

    • Play in A-team in their league and/or B-team Team players from higher level teams. Have played for several years.


    • Passed WFTDA minimum skills.
    • Play for your leagues B-team (or A-team in newer leagues, or C-teams if they come from a very high ranked team). Have usually played for two years or more and have plenty of bouting experience.


    • Age 15 or older.

    • Passed WFTDA minimum skills test according to the rules of WFTDA.
      (Only Level 3 JRDA test or checked level on trainings is not sufficient).

    • Played at least 3 games or scrimmages on junior level 3, or with adult and WFTDA rules. 

    • Be prepared to play full contact roller derby with intermediate level adults at their own risk.

    • Parental consent.

    • Mail from coach that the junior fulfills the requiements. 

    • Juniors are allowed to bring one (1) grown up spectator for free.

    If a junior who turns up does not fulfill these requirements the junior will not be allowed to participate in the on skate classes due to safety reason.

    Are you a coach or bench coach interested in helping your team to the next level? Perfect! This bootcamp will improve your strategic skills and provide you with great ideas for drills. Treat yourself a spectator ticket! 

    This year we will also provide officiating clinics for skating officials and non-skating officials! The level will be intermediate-advanced. Stay tuned for more info about our awesome clinic holders!

    Early Bird Ticket: 850kr
    Ordinary Ticket: 950kr
    Pack is here! (group of 5 skaters): 4250kr (850/person)
    Spectator Ticket: billetto fee
    Official Clinic: billetto fee

    No refunds.

    WFTDA-gender-policy applies for skaters.


    Jens Hötger

    Jens Hötger had multiple years of coaching under his belt before he transferred to officiating. He works all levels of WFTDA gameplay and loves holding officiating clinics.

    The sessions will cover gameplay policies outside of just the rules, discussions about the use of discretion in officiating, staffing and game management as well how to make game environments a safer space for everybody. In skates training focuses on skating skills and flexible positioning


    Kirahvi is a recognized MRDA official and a level 3 Certified WFTDA NSO. Starting in 2012 as a member of Kallio Rolling Rainbow, and a NSO for Copenhagen Roller Derby since 2017, she has officiated almost 400 games to date. In 2018, she was one of the THNSOs for the Roller Derby World Cup in Manchester, UK.

    Kirahvi has taught officiating in 7+ countries and at all levels. She gets a kick out of spawning new officials everywhere she goes, and enjoys the art of cat herding and unicorn maintenance




    CCH CCH, Kopparbergsgatan 8, 214 44 Malmö

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