19 maj 2018 22:00 - 20 maj 2018 05:00

The Brass Bar, Karl XII:s torg 3, 111 47 Stockholm

Credo.Showcase med ALEX BAU och MIKAEL JONASSON

Vi är oerhört glada att bjuda in några favoriter till The Brass Bar på klassiska Café Opera.

Denna kväll är det våra gäster som står för spelandet så att vi i Clubminimal har tid att umgås med er! :D

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ALEX BAU (Credo / Cocoon / Munich, Germany)


An affection to vinyl at an early stage is most probably the best precondition to become somebody finally ending up playing those vinyls for people. Somebody with a musical background. Somebody picking the right record at the right time. Somebody serving and educating people at the same time. Somebody being called a DJ.

This fascination for records, starting in the mid 80ies as a collector, and later on in the early 90ies as a DJ still is the a factor for Alex, though his setup on gigs has evolved to a rather complex, digital one. Though, the music is the only thing that counts. This is what Alex approves throughout his constant touring and gigs around the globe. It`s filtered by the DJ, performed in different ways, maybe even manipulated. But it`s the music which has the impact on the visitors of the club or festival so that their reaction scales the intensity of this particular experience. It ́s the music which is the key element for a good performace and which has to be supported by a good, powerful soundsystem, a fitting surrounding and the technical way it is performed. Equal to the formula „the whole party is like a movie and while the people on the dancefloor are the mainactors, I am just delivering the soundtrack.“

This exactly is Alex Bau`s credo. Not hard to find the connection to the name of his label. And it does not only apply to his DJ performances. His numerous productions on labels like Cocoon, previously also on CLR or Sleaze any many more, but mainly on Credo, perfectly reflect the idea of creating the tension by quality and subtile change and progress which is needed to finally bring something to explode.

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"Stockholm-based Mikael Jonasson is a long serving DJ and producer who continues to push the boundaries of modern club music with his amazingly crafted, rather rare techno productions. With recent releases on labels like EXILE, Figure and Drumcode, Mikael has earned the support and attention from all the key players in the techno scene, resulting in a busy schedule of gigs around the world. His latest stops included the legendary Berghain in Berlin, Lehmann in Stuttgart, Privilege on Ibiza, Dockyard Festival during ADE in Amsterdam or Lantern in Bejing.

Starting out as a drummer in early years, attending municipal music education, led to the later interest in electronic music. Being a part of the Swedish rave culture in the late 90´s, Mikael started to collect pretty much every analogue synthesizer he could afford. What started out as experimental sounds evolved and matured over the years into music, and back in 1999 Mikael´s first vinyl record was released. Hard struggle in the studio and behind the decks, in combination with being a highly sought after producer in the international techno-scene has resulted in a variety of high quality releases topping the techno charts over a significant period of time.

In 2016 Mikael decided to team up with Johannes Heil, Markus Suckut and Andre Kronert as part of the EXILE imprint. Over the next years we will see a steady flow of releases and label events connected to these four producers and their mutual virtues and values that reach far beyond the music and the bussiness of the electronic music scene.

Right now Mikael continues to build his own intricate sound, characterised by an unique sound design and his attention to details. Strongly supported by fans, radio-stations and DJs around the globe, Mikael´s journey continues. Artistry through techno, 2018 style."

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