CoPeCo | Finissage

17 maj 2019 19:00 - 21:00

Lilla salen, Kungl. Musikhögskolan, Valhallavägen 105, 115 51 Stockholm

Before flying to France, the CoPeCo students present their last concert of the semester in Stockholm.

They propose a program of their own original projects, created and workshopped over the course of the semester. Mixing shapes and colours, sounds and ideas, they will perform works that combine the various elements of their studies to explore new musical languages.

CoPeCo is a two-year joint master's program co-hosted by the Royal College of Music and music colleges in Tallinn, Lyon and Hamburg, with a focus on experimental performance, composition, improvisation, and collaborative creation.

The CoPeCo class is:
Ryszard Alzin
Sara Constant
Kelsey Cotton
Jana De Troyer
Sandra Kuntu Blankson
Tamara Laverman
Robert Menczel
Sander Saarmets
Giorgos Stavridis
Mélanie Vibrac