Complexity and Complication

5 okt 2017 20:00 - 21:00

Kungliga Musikhögskolan, Valhallavägen 105, 115 51 Stockholm

Complexity and Complication

An audio-visual concert installation by the TP project team

Complexity and Complication is a concert installation by the Transpositions ( project team performing the sound track of the TP catalogue based on the four project case studies, exploring data from molecular biosciences, computational neuroscience, particle physics, and cosmology.

Data analysis is about turning information into understanding and knowledge. Scientists use a large array of powerful tools to filter, sort, cluster, correlate, and contextualise data. Generally they are aiming at reducing the complexity of information, which is considered an obstacle on the path towards knowledge. Artistic data exploration as practiced in the Transpositions (TP) project does not aim at reducing but at embracing complexity. Having a complex body of data encounter a complex system of exploration designed according to aesthetic criteria usually complicates the situation rather than clarifying it. The goal is not to answer exiting questions or solving known problems but to generate new ones in order to gain a different perspective on the data.