"Chess and Music"- salon with Grandmaster Artur Jussupow ( in English )

12 maj 2018 12:00 - 13:30

Sensus studieförbund, Studentgatan 4, 211 38 Malmö

"Chess and music" salon with Grandmaster Artur Jussupow ( in English )

Participants : Arthur Jussupow (Grandmaster) Svetlana Orlova (violin) ).

We'll talk about the famous grandmasters who showed great interest in music. Some of them were musicians themselves and even composed music.
We will also talk about musicians or composers who were fond of playing chess. Some of them themselves were good chess players and even took part in chess tournaments. You will listen to music - musical works related to chess.
Our guest from Germany Grandmaster Arthur Yusupov, himself a great music lover, will answer your questions and tell you about interesting moments in his chess career.

For the visitors of our salon will be served: coffee, biscuits and chocolate.

This event is organized in cooperation with Sensus studieförbund.

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2 person ticket General Admission


4 persons group ticket ( 1 person =100 kr )General Admission


Children ( from 10 to 15 years old )General Admission