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BRONX me harder!

Eventet är avslutat

BRONX me harder!

Från 150,00 SEK



8 nov 2019 23:30 - 9 nov 2019 09:00
Billetto Peace of Mind
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- I have already payed for all my future sins..

- BRONX me harder!

_/This night will be served as follows;

Big floor:

23:30 - 01:00 Sinner D [secret]
01:00 - 04:00 Fia Fomo [Fragmentum]
04:00 - 06:00 Don Woezik [Substantiv/Gomboc]
06:00 - 09:00 Paula Koski [Monument]

Small floor:

02:00 - 04:00 Slobodan ”Villaslobo” Zivic
04:00 - 06:00 Åke Falk [Club Snack]
06:00 - 09:00 Stef Gregory


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Sinner D [secret]

_/A well known face in the Swedish and Berlin techno scene who will showcase a different style of playing for us this night. We can’t tell you his real name and he will be properly disguised for your imagination to set off.. ;) Don’t miss!

Don Woezik [Substantiv/Gomboc Records] , Malmoe

_/From an early age he transferred his previously hard-earned drumming skills to electronic devices, where his journey started to elevate as a electronic producer, DJ and promoter.

Formerly one of the brains behind one of Malmö's most renowned and notorious underground clubs, the collective Kulturförening Malmö (aka Malmørave), Don is currently working as a promoter for Substantiv as well as a resident DJ for the new club ''X Malmö''

Following releases on labels such as Trau-ma, Gomboc and Substantiv as well his tracks are being supported and played by well known artists such as Kobosil, Dax J, SHDW&Obscure Shape, Rebekah and Nur Jaber to name a few..


Paula Koski [Monument] , Berlin

_/Paula Koski has carved out a niche for herself with a multifaceted sound that ranges from ambient to experimental to richly layered, dark, hypnotic and psychedelic techno.

Finland-born but Berlin-based Paula has been projecting her sense of aesthetics and composition into non-verbal tensional sound creations. A devoted techno digger with an immense intellect, Paula's musical stories about the oscillations of life are emblazoned with a clear common thread, bringing her from the booths of Tresor, ://about blank, Griessmuehle of Berlin to close-to-nature stages of Hapësira in Kosovo or Monument Festival in Norway.

The past summer Paula's journey took further steps, as she was been touring in Europe sharing stages with her favourite artists such as Neel, Rrose, Acronym and Luigi Tozzi. Paula is one of the aspiring curators of Monument, a techno platform acting as an important antipode to the scene of forgotten values.


Fia Fomo [Fragmentum] , Gothenburg

_/Fia Fomo is the girl from the best coast of Sweden, Gothenburg, with a passion for bouncy, deep sounds and floating melodies. Her musical journey began as a young child, and has since grown into an immense love for blending an eclectic mix of sounds.
She has previously played at various venues/events and for Collectives such as Huldra's Open Air, AM/PM, Boca Boca, Tomorrowalla, Cognate, Microcircuit and many more.


Åke Falk [Club Snack] , Gothenburg

_/Åke Falk is originally from Gothenburg but grew up in Stockholm where he also started playing records and arranging clubs at an early age at Berns no longer existing, legendary, basement 2:35.1, where he also discovered his love for house and techno.

If you have heard him play before, you will notice that the passion for urban music still lives in his DJ-sets.

Åke has played at better clubs to mention in Sweden (gbg, sthlm, malmö) but also in Berlin and soon also Cph.

Next step is to release his music, which probably will happen in 2020.


Stef Gregory , Stockholm

_/Stockholm-based DJ and musician from Australia whose energy behind the decks and love of music has proven difficult not to notice.

Stef Gregory started out in 2015 working on live projects and hosting parties in Stockholm, presenting artists like Half Baked and Jon Talabot. But it was when he first stepped behind the DJ booth, that his talent was realized.

He quickly earned a strong reputation for himself through his own disco house-focused regular club nights in Stockholm. And it wasn’t long until he was holding residencies at Stockholm’s top music venues, such as Musikaliska, Berns, Trädgården, Slakthuset, TAK, Backdoor and Kvarteret.

Stef’s definitive sound blurs the line between the charismatic melodies and rhythms of early house and the rawness of today’s underground sound. Always full of surprises, his energetic, eclectic and diverse sets can range from uplifting disco-house to exotic grooves. Meaning you’ll never know what to expect, but happiness and energy are always guaranteed.

During the past year, he has expanded his horizons with recent shows in Amsterdam, Basel, London, Tisno, Lisbon, Porto, Kiev, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Moscow and Istanbul, appearing in radio shows such as Teder.fm, East Side Radio and Red Light Radio, as well as festivals in Sweden with his name appearing on the lineup of Absolut Midsommar Weekender, Gagnef, Cult Cosmic, Into The Factory and Into The Valley.

In his artist career so far, he has also shared the decks with and supported the likes of Kerry Chandler, Detroit Swindle, Paul Johnson, Pleasurecraft, Michael Mayer, Jamie 3:26, Eli Vervine, Boris, HNNY, Studio Barnhus, San Proper, La Fleur, Local Talk, Joel Mull, Henrik Bergqvist, Lindstrøm, A Club Called Rhonda, Floating Points, Les Yeux Orange, Ellen Allien, Mr. Ties, Ana Helder, Lea Lisa and Sassy J, to name a few.



Ghetto Disco i Stockholm's bokstavligt talat hetaste lokaler. Ofta i en bastu nära Dig


Nya Bastun Nya Bastun, Fabriksvägen 4, 171 48 Solna

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