Bride Price VS Democracy (FILM)

15 sep 2018 20:00 - 22:00

Zita Folkets Bio, Birger Jarlsgatan 37, 111 45 Stockholm


Artist/Group: A film by Reza Rahimi

Genre: Feature Film

Performed in: Farsi / Swedish

From Sweden

Filmen “Brudpenning och Demokrati är baserad på en sann historia och inspirerad av verkliga rättstvister från den svenska domstolen.

The plot of the movie “Bride Price VS democracy” is based on a true story and inspired by real disputes from the Swedish court.

Part of Stockholm Fringe Festival (#STOFF2018) 11th-15th of SEPT + Nordic Fringe Network

★ Best Foreign Language Feature Film | Nice IFF 2018

(Bride Price VS Democracy) (مهریه و دمکراسی)(Brudpenning och Demokrati)

★ Best Director of a Foreign Language Feature Film | Nice IFF 2018

(Reza Rahimi)

★ Best Lead Actress in a Foreign Language Film | Nice IFF 2018

(Zahra AmirEbrahimi)

★ Talented New Filmmaker | Nice IFF 2018

(Reza Rahimi)

DIY Film Festival:

★ The DIY Film Festival | San Diego |World Cinema Finalists

Auckland International Film Festival:

★ Official Selection/ Auckland/ New Zealand Film Festival 2018

Amsterdam International Film Festival Nomination 2018:

 Best Lead Actress in a Foreign Language Film | Amsterdam IFF

(Zahra AmirEbrahimi)

★ Best Editing of a Foreign Language Feature Film|Amsterdam IFF 

(Reza Rahimi)

★Best Director of a foreign Language Feature Film|Amsterdam IFF

(Reza Rahimi) Winner!

Part of Stockholm Fringe Festival (#STOFF2018) and the Nordic Fringe Network.

The 9th edition of Stockholm Fringe Festival ( #STOFF2018 ) offers a wide spectrum of entertaining and brave FRINGE culture experiences for both high and lowbrow tastebuds!

Cinema, dance, music, performance, theatre, street art, visual art, VR, workshops, and everything in-between!

5 days in 8 venues packed to the rafters with 70 acts from 23 countries!

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