8 feb 2020 18:00 - 9 feb 2020 01:00

Fotografiska, Stadsgårdshamnen 22, 116 45 Stockholm

The world is going digital, and people are getting more and more familiar with digital interfaces and tools. That in combination with the rapid development of immersive tech has opened up for an entertaining area - audiovisual experiences. 

_THE AV/EXPERIENCE CONCEPT.                                                                                  

Is a creative experiment to create a platform for the digital artists, musicians and technology oriented audience to meet, learn and experience culture in a new way. By merging visual art & music with a institution of photography through audiovisual performances, we try to enrich a user’s experience and make it multi-sensory and remarkable. 


During the workshop the participants will have a chance to learn more about the essential tools and techniques for creating audiovisual performances, projection mapping and interactive interfaces. There will also be time for discussions around the community, craft and next steps. 

We welcome all, especially those who question the status quo and are obsessed with audiovisual art 🌌

Requirements:                                                                                                                                                                    - Bring your own computer with charger. A mouse and keyboard is preferable, but not required.

- Download and install the latest version of Resolume Arena. Make sure it runs fine.

[Hosted by Nordic Audiovisual Artists and Jonas Johansson] This workshop is beginner friendly.

➜ Swedish FIKA is included of course. 


With admiration of the immense music and art culture around the globe we have chosen to start with two very special artists and creators Kazaya Nagaya [JP] and Ali M.Demeral [DE] for a LIVE audiovisual show at 20:00. 

Kazuya Nagaya and Ali M. Demirel will perform a AV- performance in collaboration, with the aim to evoke introspection and self-awareness associated with meditation. The work offers a unique combination of cultural traditions, philosophy and technological modernity.

_Kazuya Nagaya                                                                                                                                            

Japanese artist Nagaya uses his early musical, spiritual and literary research in his work, combining his knowledge of sacred and traditional instruments with his passion for modern music and instruments. His work features bronze bells, gongs and singing bowls, which are mostly used in Buddhist or Hindu rituals in Tibet, Bali and Japan, but also keyboards and electric guitars. The result is a unique kind of ambient music, which utilizes the potentials of both electronic and acoustic music to the fullest.



_Ali M. Demeral

Berlin-based experimental visual artist Ali M. Demirel gets his inspiration by reflecting his background in physics and architecture, the artist from Turkey has now established a unique visual style, that is often used in works in combination with minimal electronic music. His work is experimental and hones in on minimal imagery and structural compositions. This he shares through his design and performing live visual shows. 




➜15:00 - 18:00   WORKSHOP [Exhibition hall]     

➜18:00  DOORS OPEN FOR MINGLE & DRINKS [Exhibition hall]

➜ 20:00 AV/SHOW  [Exhibition hall]                                                                                                                                  

➜ 21:30  ARTIST TALK w/Kazaya Nagaya and Ali Demeral + AFTERPARTY + SAKEBAR  [Exhibition hall] 

➜ 01:00 CLOSING