Andererseits + Tom in High Heels

1 sep 2017 15:45 - 17:00

Teater Trixter, Andréegatan 13, 413 27 Göteborg

Gothenburg Fringe Festival presents 2x Dance:

Kim Tassia Kreipe - Andererseits & Tom In High Heels - EYAS Dance Project

Venue: Teater Trixter
Age: 18+


- by Kim Tassia Kreipe in collaboration with Jack Widdowson
- text credits: Kingtson Jade Kingsley

One scenario, two perspectives

Both intending only good – one betrayed and dying to end the resentment by finding understanding, the other seeking peace and if not acknowledgement, simply sympathy and understanding.

Tom in High Heels

"Tom in high heels" illustrates the joy of expression through pure movement research exploring physical stories, human relations, sensuality and playfulness.

The work has been presented in Gerhart Hauptmann Theater, Görlitz (Germany). The reaction of the audience were always positive and we got nice feedback from other professionals, specially regarding the choreographic language and the quality of the dancing.

Gothenburg Fringe festival 1-4 september 2017. 15 venues located from Ringön to Klippan with Majorna in focus. 124 performances from 25 countries.

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