An intro to - the online editor for building APIs

5 okt 2018 13:45 - 14:45

Slagthuset, 211 20 Malmö, 211 20 Malmö

Note: This session has limited seats. Bring your computer. Skill level: beginner.

In this workshop, we’ll be introducing you to — the online, in-browser web editor for quickly building, deploying, hosting and iterating upon serverless web APIs. Learn to write and consume backend code and APIs without any infrastructure or configuration management!

Keith Horwood is the founder and CEO of StdLib. An avid programmer from a young age, he is especially passionate about understanding and optimizing for how humans and machines communicate via the use of APIs. His academic background, Biochemistry, is an odd pairing with his enthusiasm for programming but is reflective of a larger trend: a deep thirst for knowledge and a desire to solve problems across a variety of domains. He is happiest when he’s learning, building, and sharing with others so those activities take up the majority of his time.

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