5 Ways to Use Your Existent Event Guest List Before You Announce Your Next Event

31 aug

Your ticket sales are rolling in and you're starting to get people's names in for your event. Now, make sure you keep a list of people signing up to your event (Billetto does so automatically for you), because these guys have already committed to attend your event - which means that they might be the ones interested in your upcoming events first. This is another good reason to offer free tickets or a compulsory RSVP to your event even if your event is free of charge.

Here's how you can use your event guest list before, during and after the event.

Use your list for email marketing

You can download your event guest list and re-upload it simply into any application you're using for your email marketing. Use this list to send out special offers for your future events, early bird offers, updates about upcoming events or an update about the event these guests have signed up for (if there's any additional information that they have to have before the event starts).

Use your list for Facebook re-marketing

When promoting your next event or marketing a special offer for your event, you can upload your attendee list into Facebook Custom Audiences in order to create a boosted campaign targeted at these particular guests. This will work well if there's a special offer you're running just for these attendees.

Get to know your audience

Download your attendee list and look into who your attendees are. This will help you understand what your average event guest is like, get to know their interests better and help you improve your marketing strategy.

Pick a random name for a competition

Reward your previous attendees by picking a random name from the list and sending them free tickets for your next event or a goodie bag - whatever perk you can come up with.

Event feedback

We've mentioned already how important it is to get feedback about your event. You can use a Typeform or a Google Form in order to send out a feedback questionnaire to your attendees and get a run down on the things you need to improve the next time.

Create an event on Billetto and start gathering email addresses on your event guest list. It's simple to import a guest list at any time.