Moët Hennessy Sverige presents

Ardbeg TracTOUR

Aug 18 2013 15:00

to Aug 18 2013 18:00

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Ardbeg TracTOUR event

Inspired by the mighty machines that once transported our precious peat, we have created our very own, one-of-a-kind, customised, Ardbeg Hot Rod Tractor! This magnificent, supercharged, chrome-clad beast is a thing to behold. So please join us on August 18th, when we host a TracTOUR event at Restaurang Hjerta in Stockholm. Come watch the Hot Rod beast, have a dram and enjoy some delicious food!

When: August 18th, 15.00-18.00

Where: Restaurang Hjerta, Slupskjulsvägen 28, Stockholm

Price: 100 SEK

Limited number of tickets, so hurry up to get yours. You have to be 20 years old to attend this event.

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